Success Stories.

Any law firm can use fancy language and gimmicks to get you to become a client. However, what we care about is being successful in your endeavors.  Here’s some stories about our clients…


“In a child custody action I was able to assist my client in preserving the determination made by the friend of the court magistrate.  The father had requested that the circuit court judge overturn the findings of the friend of the court hearing officer and grant the father full legal and physical custody.  At a hearing before the circuit court judge, the judge found in favor of my client, the mother and preserved her custody rights to her child.”



“In a litigation matter, as part of a former firm, we took a case to trial that involved the sale of a home.  We represented the sellers, where the buyers wanted to rescind the sale because they alleged that our clients failed to disclose that they had several cats and further alleged that the cats made the home inhabitable.  A jury awarded a no cause of action in favor of our clients and dismissed the plaintiff’s claims.  This was a substantial victory for our clients who faced a potential large money judgment against them.”



“In an estate planning matter, I was able to assist a client in executing estate planning documents merely hours before the client’s death to ensure that the estate was devised to the heirs in a manner that the client desired.”



“In several criminal defense matters, I was able to ensure that my client received a one year misdemeanor when the client faced a multiple year felony.”

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